I'm a nonbinary person who's a photographer, musician, writer, and software developer, among other things.

I run a publication, Inatri, where I discuss topics like the interactions between companies and marginalized groups and death and suicide in the trans community.

My software projects include an alternative to some of the Ruby standard library, an ed clone, a tool for quantifying the state of a GitHub repository, bootloaders, and operating systems.

You can contact me via Twitter (@duckinator) or email (me@marie.so).

If you like my work, please consider helping fund it.

Photography and Drawings

You can find my photography and drawings on DeviantArt and flickr. I'm also the primary photographer for Dis/assemble Me.


You can find my music on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


If you want me to be able to dedicate more time to these kinds of things, you can donate via Patreon or PayPal (me@marie.so).

If I get at least $2,000 per month, I should be able to cover all recurring expenses. This would allow me to work on my various projects full-time.